5 Days 4 Nights in San José del Guaviare

Start of our adventure




  • Arrival to San José del Guaviare.

  • Welcome by company staff, accommodation in the chosen hotel, starts our Tourist Adventure.

  • We travel by land to the Orion Gate one of the most attractive rock formations of the Guaviare; it is an imposing stone 12 meters high and 15 meters wide; It has a semicircular shape, with two superimposed inputs. It is very interesting to observe the distribution of labyrinths, cavities and cornices. From there you can contemplate the savannah, over a long horizon.

  • We will continue our adventure until we reach the natural stone bridges that are unfathomable caverns under the great slabs that connect the slopes of a canyon, in large rocks, placed in different shapes. It is a wonderful place, one of the most beautiful in the Serranía de la Lindosa.

  • Lunch can be taken to be consumed in the activity or have lunch in a house near the ecodestines, we return to San José del Guaviare.

  • Back to the hotel.

  • Dinner

  • Break.



  • Breakfast.

  • A new adventure begins

  • Displacement to the new Tolima, until you reach the cave paintings.

  • Observation of a whole stone library, which groups the pictorial testimony of the language, beliefs and symbols of the first inhabitants settled in the Colombian south-east, we return in time to learn about these cultures.

  • Transfer by land arriving to the city of stone, observing rock formations, which with a little imagination we can resemble it to a city, it is a very impressive place, the beauty of the landscape makes the visitor dream of the lush nature. There you can see one of the well-known species such as the flower of Guaviare, a beautiful flower that is up to 90 centimeters tall.

  • lunch

  • Follow our journey, the natural tunnels await us where an adventure is lived, the enjoyment of its natural caves, labyrinths, rock formations in positions that defy gravity, articulated with enigmatic caverns and biodiversity, which invite knowledge and enjoyment of the nature.

  • Rocky outcrop visit

  • Ecological walk on the Lindosa mountain range considered one of the oldest places on the planet in its formation “3.5 million years according to some data”.

  • Our adventure culminates with a walk that will take us to the natural wells that in the winter months the crystalline waters run through the slabs that with the contrast of water and sunlight give a number of dyes, if it is in summer that we visit this beautiful place, we can only observe the rock formation, which is super placed as if the hand of man were intervened to its creation.

  • Return to San José del Guaviare

  • Sinner


Cultural show in the Tukano Oriental indigenous, Panure reservation, we interact with the indigenous people and the following activities will be carried out:

  1. Speck moqueado and casabe fish

  2. Delivery of a souvenir (handle)

  3. Paint your face knowing more indigenous culture

  • Break



  • Breakfast.

  • We prepare to go out to do the activity

  • We moved by car to the black lagoon

  • Start our adventure by embarking on a handmade canoe, we begin to navigate the lagoon, observing its lush vegetation, which contains a variety of birds, which pose the traveler for photography.

  • We finish the tour and return to San José del Guaviare.

  • Lunch.




  • Departure to the activity at 05:30 am, visit the lagoon Damas del Nare.

  • There will be a 2-hour truck tour and a 1-hour hike, during this journey you can see the flora and fauna of this beautiful place

  • Breakfast

  • Arrival at Laguna del Nare, you start sailing on the lagoon, in an artisan canoe up to half of the lagoon, the traveler descends from the canoe and begins to enjoy a refreshing swim, you can see the pink river dolphins or dolphins, which When the visitor feels they dance and play, letting their unique beauty be seen very close to the tourist, living a unique and unforgettable experience.

  • lunch

  • Return in the same way you entered.

  • Dinner and rest


  • Breakfast.

  • Free morning for shopping in San José del Guaviare

  • Return



The plans include:

Transportation according to the chosen rate, except for the land portion rate

Food 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners

Lodging at an airport hotel or similar

Medical assistance insurance

Local guide in Spanish

Transportation in the activities to be carried out


The plans do not include:


Expenses not stipulated.


Hotel Aeropuerto + Transporte VIP

$4.171.429 - 1 Persona

$2.628.571 - 2 Personas

$2.114.286 - 3 Personas

$1.857.143 - 4 Personas

Hotel Aeropuerto + Transporte Puerta a Puerta

$3.614.286 - 1 Persona

$2.442.857 - 2 Personas

$2.052.381 - 3 Personas

$1.857.143 - 4 Personas

Hotel Básico + Transporte Puerta a Puerta

$3.442.857 - 1 Persona

$2.271.429 - 2 Personas

$1.880.952 - 3 Personas

$1.685.714 - 4 Personas

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