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Safari in Colombia

Casanare tourism

Only an hour and a half from Yopal

The Wonders that are discovered in a Safari in Casanare

When we think about doing a Safari we immediately transport ourselves to Africa, but that is no longer necessary. Deep in the Eastern Plains of Colombia, exactly in the department of Casanare, you can see much of the Colombian fauna and flora, hundreds of birds and a variety of mammals travel through the vast plains delighting visitors.

Cabalgata en el Encanto de Guanapalo

Those who visit the region will have the possibility of riding for days.

Colombia ranks fourth in the world mammal inventory, according to the Biodiversity Information System of Colombia (SIB); He also owns 10 percent of the Earth's biological diversity. Jaguars, tapirs, dantas, a great variety of monkeys, chigüiros, white-tailed deer, palm bears and a numerous type of birds are animals that you can admire in this region. Among the birds that you can find in this place are the gabanes or storks, the duck, the herons (black, white and red) and the paujiles. The department of Casanare owns 20 percent of the birds of Colombia.