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Route Amanecer Llanero

We begin our tour of the Llanero dawn route, comprised of the municipalities of Puerto López and Puerto Gaitán. We will visit the tourist cattle ranch, Tiuma Park, to enjoy activities such as horseback riding, Canopy, tour in Buggy Cerrero, typical work of plain (they are designated according to the number of people). Only 86 km from Villavicencio you can enjoy the plain in all its splendor following the Ostrich Farm where visitors can interact with these giant birds, taking pictures with them and feed them, we leave this park to know the Obelisk, it is known like the navel of Colombia, there you can see a beautiful llanero sunset (this depends on the weather).

Recorre el maravillosos Río del Cacique en flotador
Cabalgata en Tiuma Park (Villavicecio, Colombia)
Trabajo de Llano en Villavicencio
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