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Raudal Angosturas 1, beyond Caño Cristales

La Macarena (Meta, Colombia)

The Municipality of La Macarena, Meta in Colombia, is known for being home to the most beautiful river in the world, also known as the river of the five colors: Caño Cristales. But it is not the only tourist attraction that La Macarena has, within its natural formation, there are many tourist sites that have no equal beauty, as in the case of Raudal Angosturas 1.

For the locals the Raudal; a strait of the river that in winter time divides the territory in two, those that live above the stream and those below. At the mouth we could always see the house of Saturia and Gustavo, who were waiting for the canoes that were crossing the river. And from time to time, a candle and a prayer for the safety of the one who was traveling. In the summer a place where the community could celebrate the end of the year parties.

A little more is known today, the Raudal de Angostura 1 is located in the limits of the Tinigua Natural Park and that of the Sierra de la Macarena. Its beauty, exuberance and history, make it a unique place to visit and know, where you can live the magic of nature, with its flora and fauna with activities such as ecological walks, bird watching, sport fishing, among others.

The adventure begins from the moment in which it is decided to go to know La Macarena, Meta, with departures from the cities of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Villavicencio. On an air flight of approximately 1 hour. From there you leave for Raudal Angosturas 1 on a tour of the Guayabero River of approximately two hours. And there to enjoy everything that the tourist site offers us.

Photo gallery of Raudal Angosturas 1

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