Putumayo, Colombia

Putumayo, being part of the Amazon region, is full of life. From the depths of the jungle, the mountains throw water in the form of ravines and small rivers forming countless waterfalls of crystalline water that make its capital Mocoa a perfect destination for all those nature lovers. Only 15 minutes from the capital of Putumayo you will find the beginning of one of the most emblematic attractions of the region, the Cascades the End of the World, which you can visit after a walk of about an hour and a half. Not diminishing importance and perhaps being one of the few places in the World where you can listen to the singing of birds, the jungle in all its splendor and see the imposing waterfall of pure water falling into a 75 m abyss.

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Tourism to Putumayo

From the Dantayapo hostel, you can access the different tourist attractions of Mocoa, in Putumayo, such as the Cascada del Ojo de Dios, Casada el Fin del Mundo, Cascada de Horonoyaco, also as complementary activities you can enjoy the Cavernas de Licamancha, or the Mandiyaco Canyon, bird watching and the butterfly garden. Along with this, excursions are scheduled for both hiking and adventure tourism in nature where you can enjoy: Canyoning, Rappel, or Torrentism, caving, and soon rafting and kayaking.

Destiny: Putumayo

The Dantayaco tourist inn is strategically located thinking of the tourist attractions of Putumayo, in the whole tourist heart of Mocoa. It is so close to the entrance of the waterfalls of the End of the World that it can be accessed even by walking.


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