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Sport fishing
In La Macarena

Sport fishing in La Macarena Colombia

 The sport fishing plan will be carried out in natural settings such as the beach of the devil and billiards; El Raudal, which is said to supply the fish Orinoco, the mouths of Lozada, where it is the mouth of the Lozada del Guayabero river; These activities are carried out in a plan of 4 days 3 nights.  


You can find a great diversity of Orinoco fish, such as catfish, yellow, striped and gold (leather fish), cachama, yamu, dove, piranha and bocachico (flake fish).


The season for sport fishing in Macarena, is from the second week of December, until the end of April, since this is the low rain season in this region.


We have direct flights from Villavicencio, our plans are all included from the point of departure, the only thing that does not include in this plan is hydration, fishing tools and the tax to enter La Macarena which has a cost of $ 27,400 National - $ 41,800 Foreigners.   

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