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Medellin is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Being a pioneer, thanks to its advanced and modern transport systems such as the Metro, which mostly borders the Medellín River, which crosses the city. Accompanied by this, is the Metrocable, with which you can visit the communes of Medellín and see an enviable panoramic view of the Mountain Capital. Throughout the city you can enjoy its iconic places, you will always find something new to see in Medellín, this makes the city an attractive destination for the National and International traveler. It has a spring weather and one of the best in the country, its average temperature is around 22 degrees Celsius.

Medellin tour packages

For you to enjoy Medellín and all that it has to offer you this beautiful city, we have carefully prepared for you the following tours, the Medellin Spring Plan that aims to tour the Antioqueña capital and its nearby tourist sites, you will see beautiful landscapes and you will know the characteristics of the Paisa culture. The second tour is exclusively for the Flower Fair in August.

The Destination: Medellin

Thanks to the Medellín Metro, which runs through several points of the city, you will have the possibility to find plenty of parks, libraries, museums and public spaces where various cultural events take place; the nearby towns give you the tranquility of a simple life and among the mountains its beautiful landscapes make this city a unique destination.


In Medellín, the Flower Fair is held every year in August,  It is known by many

travelers and is one of the main attractions, in ita lot of flowers are exhibited

which thanks to their growers andFlorists make Medellin a very colorful place.

Throughout the city you can seesaddles of all styles during the Silleteros

Parade event, where Chairs up to 160kilos are loaded by their creators on

a tour ofapproximately 4 hours

Medellín is a very productive city, thanks to this it becomes very attractive for those who come in search of business and conventions. The convention center in the Plaza Mayor, the Exhibition Palace or the Intercontinental Hotel, have excellent facilities for world-class events.


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