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Tour Ciudad Perdida


Lost City Tour in Colombia

The Lost City located in a massif northwest of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, is a place listed as one of the wonders of Colombia for its unique historical and sacred value, as well as archaeological. Its founders, the "Tayronas" an indigenous community which settled there between the sixth and ninth centuries considered the site as the heart of the world. It is currently a world heritage site and an intact biosphere reserve, titles granted by UNESCO.

Photographs of the Lost City tour and its sights

Ciudad Perdida
Ciudad Perdida tour
Ciudad Perdida un destino único
Ciudad Perdida trekking

Plans and tour packages to Lost City

Due to the difficult access to the area, the only way to visit and explore Lost City is to make a 4-day hike, for this we have 4 and 5 day tourist plans, perfect for you to discover spectacular landscapes and see the majesty of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.


Throughout the tour you can enjoy the rivers, waterfalls and swimming pools that nature gives us; in all the tours there are breaks to contemplate the landscape, hydrate and take pictures, eat fresh fruits and at night in each camp the guide makes integrations with his group to give some information.


By taking the Tour with Ecotourism Sierra de La Macarena you will be contributing with the indigenous and peasants of this region, contributing to the well-being, health and education of these communities and to the improvement of the trails. You will also contribute to the research and conservation and maintenance of the archaeological park.

360 ° virtual tour to Lost City

In the following video you can see the 360 ​​° tour to Lost City, its trails and places where the walks will take place, you can briefly see the routes and areas in which the indigenous communities live and of course, the Lost City.

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