Caño Cristales 2 Days touristic plan from Villavicencio

From $ 738.000 without air tickets

Caño Cristales from Villavicencio - La Macarena, Colombia

Start of our adventure


First day

Reception at Villavicencio Vanguardia Airport by company personnel.

Registration and check-up to board the plane that will take us to the Municipality of Macarena.

Arrival to the Municipality of La Macarena.

Induction talk by environmental entities

Accommodation in the accommodation corresponding to each tourist at 15:00, there will be a room to change clothes and store luggage.

Lunch in the urban area.

The alternate place assigned by the environmental entities will be visited

Return to the urban area of ​​La Macarena, in the same way it was entered.

Integration Night:

Folklore Show

Gastronomy of the Region.

Music and dance of integration of young people in the region with visiting tourists.


Second day


Departure in the morning hours.

20-minute boat ride on the Guayabero River enjoying the scenery

20-minute tour in Association Trucks from the landing point of the boat to the Cajuche spring.

The path assigned by Coormacarena or National Parks will be visited according to permission

Return to the urban area of ​​La Macarena, in the same way that Caño Cristales was entered.


Departure of the flight to Villavicencio.

The plans include:

Air tickets Villavicencio -La Macarena - Villavicencio

Land and river transport

Application for permission to enter the park

Food, 1 breakfast 2 lunch and 1 dinner


Spanish guide

Medical assistance insurance


The plans do not include:


Tourist contribution tax in the Municipality of La Macarena worth $ 27,400 National COP - $ 41,800 Foreign COP

Entrance fee to the park $ 64,700 COP Nationals over 25 years - $ 33,100 COP Nationals under 25 years Foreigners $ 98,300 COP (National Parks and Cormacarena)

Contribution to the contingency plan in La Macarena $ 12,000

Airport Fee in La Macarena $ 6,000

Expenses not specified.

Rate per person

From Villavicencio: $ 1.265.000 COP

Note: On a date that coincides with a holiday bridge there may be changes in prices and / or itinerary

     Phones and Whatsapp:

        +57 314-325-3522

        +57 313-420-9257

        +57 311-202-0044   

Los planes incluyen

  • Tiquetes aéreos Villavicencio -La Macarena – Villavicencio

  • Transporte terrestre y fluvial

  • Solicitud de permiso de ingreso al parque

  • Alimentación, 1 desayuno 2 almuerzo y 1 cena

  • Hospedaje

  • Guía en español

  • Seguro de asistencia medica

Los planes no incluyen

  • Hidratación

  • Impuesto de contribución por turismo en el Municipio de la Macarena un valor de $27.400 COP Nacionales - $41.800 COP Extranjeros

  • Impuesto Entrada al parque $64.700 COP Nacionales mayores de 25 años - $33.100 COP Nacionales menores de 25 años Extranjeros $98.300 COP (Parques Nacionales y Cormacarena)

  • Contribución al plan de contingencia en La Macarena $12.000

  • Tasa Aeroportuaria en La Macarena $6.000

  • Gastos no especificados.


Aeropuerto Vanguardia

Segundo piso

Villavicencio, Colombia

Tel: (038) 6648405


Complaints and claims

Office Hours:  Monday to Friday: 08:00-18:00 
Sábado: 8:00 a 13:00


Caño Cristales - La Macarena, Colombia

Quality and sustainability policies

The agency ECOTURISMO MACARENA, undertakes to accept and comply with the Sustainable tourism policy, heritage prevention policy, data management policy, money laundering prevention policy and terrorist financing (LA / FT), Law 1121 of 2006 .